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Spirolox spiral-wound retaining rings are available from Daemar.

Spirolox spiral-wound retaining rings have earned a reputation as a reliable way to retain a variety of components or parts of assemblies, regardless of how complex or demanding the application is — from toys to aircraft. Available in Canada from Daemar, Spirolox retaining rings offer many advantages.

Cost savings: These retaining rings are up to 75 per cent less expensive than stamped retaining rings. And, compared to using a threaded shaft and nut for light to moderate thrust load designs, they offer major savings in materials, machining and assembly labour costs.

Exceptional strength: Spirolox spiral rings are made from high-quality, rectangular carbon spring steel or 302 stainless steel coiled on edge. This creates a ring with exceptional strength and stability.

Flexibility: The unique design of Spirolox spiral rings provides a strong, yet flexible, 360-degree retaining surface. They offer greater design freedom and increased production speeds by requiring fewer parts and costly machining processes.

Simple to install: No special tools are required to install or remove Spirolox retaining rings, which means components can be assembled quickly by manual or semi-automatic methods.

Wide selection: The retaining rings are available in multiple sizes ranging from ⅜ to 85 inches in diameter. Light-duty, medium-duty, medium heavy-duty and heavy-duty varieties are available to suit the needs of many applications. The heavy-duty models, for example, are covered by aerospace standard AS3215 and AS3216.

As a leading distributor focused on meeting customer needs, Daemar makes it easy for its customers to get the products they need, including Spirolox spiral-wound retaining rings. The company has a network of four strategically located stocking facilities in Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal and Atlanta, so it is poised to quickly and easily serve the North American marketplace.

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