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Minco temperature sensor assemblies, available from Mod-Tronic Instruments, are designed to deliver unmatched performance, value and reliability.

In many industrial environments, failure is not an option. That’s why Minco temperature sensor assemblies, available from Mod-Tronic Instruments, are designed to deliver unmatched performance, value and reliability to meet the demanding requirements of oil and gas processing applications. The assemblies feature:

  • Innovative designs and calibration with superior accuracy, repeatability and time response;
  • A 20 to 50 per cent lower cost than comparable competitive products; and 
  • A three-year warranty.

Minco’s broad offering enables users to specify a temperature sensor assembly to meet specific application requirements. Simply choose from the available options to specify the sensor in five easy steps.

1. Select the series. Minco offers two base temperature sensor series to address specific application requirements. AS7 Series temperature sensor assemblies are certified for use in explosion-proof and flame-proof applications by Factory Mutual and the Canadian Standards Association. AS8 Series temperature sensor assemblies are certified for use in flame-proof applications.

2. Select a transmitter. Minco programmable transmitters are designed for process control and other applications, and are installed directly in the connection head. Three standard offerings include: TT520 in a standard 4-20mA output; TT521, HART Communication; and TT522, Foundation Fieldbus/Profibus PA Communication.

3. Choose the connection head. Connection heads seal transmitter and connections from harsh environments for increased product reliability and longevity. Extensions are also available to isolate connection heads from process connections to clear pipe insulation or limit heat conduction into the head. Options include aluminum with indicator, or aluminum or stainless steel.

4. Select the probes. Minco platinum RTD element probes are available in Tip Sensitive and MgO Filled single- or dual-element types. They feature Minco’s proprietary spring-loaded fitting for convenient installation and removal.

5. Choose thermowells. Minco offers a variety of thermowells to protect probes from pressure, flow and corrosive fluids. Thermowells also allow the removal of probes without draining or depressurizing the system, and feature a spring-loaded fitting with release knob. 

Once these selections are made, you are able to configure your assembly and place your order. 

The company also offers more options, as well as custom designs for specific applications. Contact Mod-Tronic Instruments for details. 


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