REDwire Speaker manufacturer sees ROI in less than six months after purchasing drum pumps

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Within six months of purchasing 10 Rexson manual extrusion guns, the manufacturer saw a return on its investment.

A major speaker manufacturer in Toronto that assembles speakers for places like the IMAX Theatre, for example, had been using a manual brush and roller to apply glue during speaker assembly. But this was a time-consuming, messy process that resulted in repetitive strain injuries for many of its workers. The company turned to Exel North America to find a better way.

The solution

After considering its options, the speaker manufacturer converted its glue application to a pump and dispense approach with Exel’s Rexson manual pistol-style adhesive dispensing valves. By converting to drum pumps, the company was able to move from five-gallon pails to 55-gallon supply containers. 

The results

Switching to Rexson manual extrusion guns resulted in major improvements. It eliminated 20 minutes of cleanup every day, which saves both time and money. It also eliminated the repetitive strain injuries many workers were experiencing in their hands. And, as a result, it allowed workers to be more productive, increasing the number of units assembled in an hour. 

The company originally purchased 10 Rexson manual extrusion guns for $6,200. Within six months, the manufacturer saw a return on its investment. After experiencing such a quick payback, the team decided to add another five guns to the 10 it is already using in production. 

A leading manufacturer

Exel North America has earned a reputation as an expert in finishing and dispensing solutions. Its lineup includes a wide selection of high-quality pumps and spray guns. The company has many examples of how its customers have experienced speedy ROIs following the purchase of its products. 

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