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The ProSort MRT can transfer items off either side of the conveyor at different sort locations.

Norpak Handling offers a versatile, space-saving solution for product sortation: the ProSort MRT. This medium roller transfer conveyor is ideal for handling medium-sized products with its multiple narrow belts, and has diverter rollers that pop up between the belts to transfer items off the conveyor. The ProSort MRT offers a number of features that make it a flexible solution for sortation applications.

Flexible sortation

The ProSort MRT is capable of transferring items off either side of the conveyor at different sort locations. Items can be transferred to other conveyors or workstations for packing, ticketing, shipping and more.

Two models of the ProSort MRT are available: the MRT 30 and the MRT 90. These can transfer items at 30-degree or 90-degree angles, respectively. These conveyors use Prologix controls, which is a PLC-based package. In addition, they feature easy installation thanks to the Plug-N-Go wiring.

These conveyors are ideal for shipping operations that call for dynamic lane assignments or internal routing process involving kitting, order consolidation and zone routing. They are capable of sorting packages ranging from as small as eight by six inches up to 28 inches long.

Customer benefits

The ProSort MRT provides many advantages. Firstly, this narrow belt sorter takes up to 75 per cent less floor space than comparable sortation equipment. These conveyors also feature HyPower distributed cable systems that minimize field wiring costs and make changing locations simple.

Another key benefit of the ProSort MRT is the reduced need for hardware due to the conveyor's two-sided transfer capability. Also, this ability enables the conveyor to be used as either a sortation or induction point.

Company expertise

As an authorized distributor of Hytrol products in Canada, Norpak Handling is the perfect source for innovative conveyor solutions, with its extensive experience and comprehensive selection. For more information, visit the company's website.


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