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Kimo Canada's DB200 and DB300 sound level meters are available from Chevrier Instruments.

Chevrier Instruments, the renowned distributor of measurement and control instrumentation, can supply the DB200 and DB300 sound level meters from Kimo Canada. These meters offer versatility and a number of advanced features. As a result, they are suitable for applications ranging from simply taking sound levels to real-time frequency analysis.

DB 200

This sound level meter is capable of integrating averaging and data storage. It has five different measurement modes. Mode 1 is for simply measuring sound levels. Mode 2 adds data storage capability. In mode 3, the meter acts as both a conventional sound level meter and integrating-averaging meter. Mode 4 allows integrating-averaging with data storage. Mode 5 is for calculating sound levels from two sound sources. This meter is supplied with software for displaying data and printing measurement reports. The meter can record maximums, minimums and peak values.

DB 300

This integrating averaging sound level meter complies with the latest international standards. It is capable of measuring average sound levels, peak pressure levels and equivalent continuous level. It provides a dynamic measurement range from 20 to 137 dB. For analyzing frequencies, this meter offers a real-time analyzer by octave bands with a range of 16 Hz to 16 kHz or 31.5 Hz to eight kHz, depending on the model. This meter is also capable of providing values and graphic presentation of NR comfort factors.

More information

These meters are used in such applications as process monitoring and conformity checks. They are also ideal for checking the noise levels of machines and workstations. They are supplied with batteries, transport case, windshield, calibration certificate, a USB transfer cable and LDB200 software.

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