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Henkel has a large portfolio of Loctite cleaning solutions, and the trained experts to help customers select the right solution.

Industrial equipment works best when it’s clean. However, cleanup is a task that often gets neglected by MRO professionals. If neglected for too long, machines will operate less efficiently and may even stop working. 

When it comes to cleaning equipment, sometimes just a simple wipe down with a damp cloth will work. But there are three common cleaning challenges that require a more aggressive solution. Henkel’s Loren Nauss, business development manager for maintenance chemicals, highlighted these challenges in a recent blog post on the company’s website.

Grease and oil removal

Grease, lubricant and oil buildup from engines, motors, castings, valves and other parts can lead to excess wear, heat, premature breakdown and even fire. A cleaner that has surfactants and change in PH is important for breaking down oil and grease. 

Cleaning electrical parts

Oil and contaminant buildup on electrical parts can cause contact failure. A cleaner that is both non-conductible and non-flammable should be used here. 

Cleaning plastic parts

Plastic components are susceptible to the harsh chemicals found in some cleaners. Solvents such as brake part cleaners, carburetor cleaners and pro-strength part cleaners can cause stress cracks or brittle many plastics, while other cleaners can reduce the strength of an adhesive applied during a repair. To avoid these problems, use a cleaner specifically designed for plastic. Look at the label and be sure it’s compatible with the type of plastic you’re going to be cleaning. 

Loctite cleaning solutions

Matching the right cleaning solution to the right application is important for equipment efficiency, longevity, compliance with regulations, and safety. Henkel has a large portfolio of Loctite cleaning solutions, and the trained experts available to help customers select the right solution, whether it’s the non-flammable Loctite SF 7629, the Loctite ODC-free cleaner and degreaser for plastic parts, or the Loctite 7611, which aggressively penetrates, dissolves and removes oil and grease. 

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