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While there are many kinds of pallet racking, each type allows for the storage of palletized materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels.

Racking is a storage structure, similar to shelving, that demands holding a higher amount of mass. A rack is constructed with frames and beams, which is designed to hold a larger capacity of weight.

Help lighten the load for your business’ racking, pallet and material handling and storage challenges with these five racking solutions.

Solution 1: Choose the path of least resistance

Pallet racking is considered to be the most common racking method. Designed with horizontal rows using multiple levels, pallets (also known as skids) are built to store material handling supplies. The rack bays are joined with row spaces and installed back-to-back to increase stability.

Solution 2: Sometimes, size does matter

Storing cumbersome tubing or cylinders are no longer a pipe dream. Opt for cantilever racking for your long, wide or custom-sized objects.

Choose this racking option to eliminate products from dislodging by fastening them to the end of the racking column so it protrudes up and outwards at an angle unobstructed from objects.

Solution 3: If the budget is tight, be selective with racking options

Selective racking is an economical option that stores pallets vertically deep from the aisle. Choose this cost-effective method as an ideal way to efficiently save both floor space and money.

Solution 4: Be structured in your racking decision-making

Structural pallet racking packs a powerful punch: its weight-bearing strength is increased with the help of bolted horizontal load beams.

An added bonus of this particular racking method is the simultaneous feature of supporting the roof and encasing the building’s structure, which eliminates the need to have vertical supporting I-beams.

Solution 5: Go with the flow

Carton Flow, commonly also known as gravity or dynamic flow, is a pallet racking system that considers depth space by using an inclined conveyor to seamlessly move pallet or totes down a sloped path. The need for speed can be controlled by using complex motion and breaking systems to steer the pallet.

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