REDwire Solid metal bushings from Daemar offer technical and economic advantages

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The TH 650 from Daemar has a bronze body with solid lubricant plugs.

A variety of solid metal bushings are available from Daemar, an Oakville, Ont.-based distributor of essential components to the manufacturing industry. These products feature metallic structures with various methods of lubrication, such as oil grooves, sintered layers or solid graphite lubricants. 

The TH 650 bearings series is one example that utilizes solid lubricant to handle high load applications where traditional methods of lubrication are not an option.

Features of TH 650 bearings

TH 650 bearings are machined from cast bronze. They offer a number of technical and economic advantages, such as low weight, high loading capabilities and good resistance to corrosion. 

The tolerances of these bearings are much tighter than wrapped style bushings. Daemar can also supply different grades to suit the application.  

Some of the features of these advanced solid metal bearings include:

  • Can work without oil for long periods of time without issue;
  • Extremely high load capacity;
  • Good anti-wear and low friction characteristics;
  • Good resistance to chemicals and corrosion; and
  • Can be used in temperatures from -40 to 300 degrees C.

TH 650 bearing structure

The bearing’s cast bronze construction is embedded with solid lubricant plugs. The bronze enables the bushing to handle high loads, while the plugs allow for self-lubrication. 

This design results in a bushing solution that is maintenance-free. These bearings excel in applications involving severe temperature conditions, high loads, no pre-lubrication, and intermittent or oscillating motion. 

Some typical applications

The TH 650 bearings series is ideal for environments where no oil lubrication is possible. Whether the application is dry, in water, corrosive, or high pressure, these bearings can handle the job. 

For more information on the TH 650 and the company’s full selection of bushings, contact Daemar.


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