REDwire Smart wireless manifold probes a highly accurate solution for HVAC installers

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Chevrier Instruments carries digital manifold and vacuometer devices from Kimo Instruments.

Chevrier Instruments can supply smart wireless manifold probes from Kimo Instruments. These digital manifold and vacuometer devices are all-in-one solutions that combine benefits that were previously only available to installers when they used multiple instruments. With an ergonomic design that is ideal for accessing tight or compact places, these units are a valuable addition to any installer’s toolbox.

Polar Touch

Kimo`s Polar Touch is a single, ergonomic device that fits into tight and compact places, has the ability to take a number of important readings, and features a Polar App with Bluetooth up to 30 metres. It also includes two pressure probes that precisely measure high side and low side pressure (from -14 to 870 psi) and instantly display the condensation or evaporation temperatures for up to 125 refrigerants on the Polar App. The two temperature probes are used to accurately and simultaneously provide real-time superheat and subcooling calculations on the Polar App during the refrigeration process. A second connector allows for the charging and discharging of the refrigerant, while a built-in Schrader core avoids leakages when connected to the hose. Measurements can also be displayed while the device is charging.

Polar Vac

Kimo`s Polar Vac is a smart wireless vacuum probe that supports the quick, safe evacuation of refrigeration systems and heat pumps with highly accurate measurements. Like the Polar Touch, it has an ergonomic design and features the Polar App with Bluetooth up to 30 metres. This unit also includes a high-precision Pirani sensor that provides highly accurate deep vacuum measurements. The sensor is designed to quickly measure vacuum levels with impressive resolution up to 25,000 microns in eight different scales (Micron, Pa, hPa, mbar, Torr, mmHg, inHg, inH2 O). It also provides H20 evaporation temperature on the Polar App in real-time. A second connector allows for the discharging of the refrigerant, and a built-in Schrader core avoids any gas leakages when connected to the hose.

Additional details

Calibration certificates are supplied with these devices. For more information on these devices, and the accessories available, contact Chevrier Instruments.  


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