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Advance Fasteners provides high-quality washers and grommets in many styles, materials and sizes.

Washers and grommets play an essential role in keeping machinery running smoothly. A poor quality washer can damage machines and lead to wear, excessive vibration and more. Advance Fasteners provides high-quality washers and grommets in many styles, materials and sizes — an array of options to ensure there is one that will work properly with the customers’ equipment.

The Mississauga, Ont.-based company’s lineup features metric, imperial and non-ferrous washers for a wide variety of applications. 

Imperial: Twenty kinds of imperial washers are available, each made of steel, with some models containing low carbon and galvanization. Zinc-plated and nickel options are also available. 

Non-ferrous: The company’s non-ferrous washers are made of a variety of materials, including lead, copper, nickel-copper, aluminum alloy, brass, silicone bronze, stainless steel and more. Its 26 varieties of washers are differently styled and composed, including fender, flat, lockwashers, finishing cup washers and more. 

Metric: Metric washers come in flat, internal and external tooth lock, and split lockwasher varieties. The flat washers are made of steel, brass and nylon. Split lockwashers, meanwhile, consist of steel, collarsteel and silicone bronze. Internal and external tooth lockwashers come in phosphor bronze, as well as stainless steel and phosphor bronze. Each type of washer features one model with zinc coating.

Though washers and grommets can be used in a variety of industries, they are particularly useful in the textile, industrial and construction industries, as they are essential in preventing machine degradation and corrosion.

Advance Fasteners has been distributing its diverse line of fasteners since 1984. Its reputation for outstanding service and product knowledge, combined with years of experience and commitment to excellence, make it the ideal choice to fulfil your fastener needs. Contact Advance Fasteners to learn more. 


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