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Aeroex manufactures five mist collector sizes for a variety of plant oil mist filtration requirements.

Oil mist is a costly problem and a health risk for metalworkers across the globe. Contaminated air causes health problems, absenteeism, increased equipment and facility maintenance. To ensure clean air in their plants, these companies require oil mist collection solutions — solutions from leading companies like Barrie, Ont.-based Aeroex Technologies.

Aeroex manufactures five mist collector sizes for a variety of plant oil mist filtration requirements — big and small. Sizes include 400, 600, 800, 1100 and 2000 cfm. However, when selecting a mist collector, bigger isn’t always better, says Doug Fowler, the company’s sales manager.

“Too much air flow will remove the large oil droplets, as well as solids. This will increase maintenance in topping up sump levels, adjusting coolant concentration and, possibly, cleaning mist collectors,” Fowler says.   

To size a mist collector, the rule of thumb is to estimate the enclosure volume and multiply the ft³ by four. This means the air exchange is four times a minute or every 15 seconds. A machine with an enclosure volume of 100 ft³ requires a 400 cfm mist collector. If time cycles are under a minute and doors are open, it can be necessary to go to up to eight air exchanges per minute so there is no mist escaping when doors are opened. On large machines and long cycle times, one to three air exchanges can be satisfactory.  

It is a good idea to consult with Aeroex on which size is best for the specific application before purchasing a unit. A representative is always available to visit a customer’s facility to review applications and make recommendations.

For more information on its lineup of oil mist collectors and the revolutionary technology behind it, contact Aeroex Technologies.


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