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Compressed air dryers are designed to lessen the amount of water, vapour and hydrocarbon within compressed air.

Industries in the automobile, chemical, oil and gas, and even in the pharmaceutical sectors, use compressed air dryers to carry out specialized applications unavailable in standard air dryer products. Separating gases or using large amounts of dry air to function hydraulic, pneumatic or automated equipment benefit greatly from compressed air dryers.

Compressed air dryers are also designed to lessen the amount of water, vapour and hydrocarbon within compressed air. These machines remove moisture of all types since dampness reduces the effectiveness of a compressed air system.

Corrosion of air compressor components, cross-contamination of mould or bacteria, along with wear and tear of vital mechanisms are all a result of water accumulating in an air compressor, which potentially shuts down the system from functioning properly.

Refrigerant dryers and adsorption dryers are two of the most commonly used types of compressed air dryers each with their own specific benefits.

Refrigerant dryers

Refrigerant dryers perform in the same way as the refrigeration in your home: these types of dryers drop the concentration of water vapour while reducing the dew point of air to about 2°C or 36°F.

With water vapour removal rates between 80 to 90%, refrigerant dryers are used in industrial applications involving dry or processed air, as well as to clean instruments.

Refrigerant dryers are an ideal choice because of the low initial, operating and maintenance costs, thanks to lower energy consumption as well as non-corrosive components in the dryer, which maximizes its life span.

Adsorption dryers

Also known as desiccant dryers, adsorption dryers are engineered to remove 99.9% of water vapour with a pressure dew point of less than -40°C or -40°F; key advantages for applications requiring lower temperatures, which are unable to be achieved by refrigerant dryers.

Adsorbing means that water vapour attracts to chemical beads (called desiccant) and ultimately adsorbs water vapour from compressed air and is dissolved by the application of heat or by removing the dry air from the compressor.

Adsorption dryers are ideal for automotive, chemical and petrochemical industries, to name a few, where applications involve instrumentation used or stored in cold or outdoor environments.

When there is a danger of developing condensate, a formation of ice, or risk of adverse expansion of compressed air, an adsorption dryer is the best go-to solution to avoid these harmful situations.

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