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Obertec Limited separates fact from fiction about shot peening processes. Obertec describes the top two facts about this vibratory peening application.

Shot peening is a metalworking technique used to improve the look and finish of surfaces.

The modification of metal properties is achieved by shooting sphere-shaped beads (referred to as media) with extreme force against the metal to create indentations.

Continual shooting in rapid succession of media, which can be made from metal, glass or ceramic materials, creates layers of compressive residual stress on the metal surface thereby altering its exterior and overall mechanical qualities.

Shot peening is a modern technique of metal parts surface work hardening, industrial suppliers provide mostly for the aviation and the automotive industries.

Read on to learn how to separate these top two shot peening facts from fiction.

Fiction: shot peening is a hot working process

Fact: shot peening is a cold working process

While a hot working process uses melting temperatures to plastically deform metals, by contrast, shot peening is a cold working process that strengthens metals through plastic deformation.

Fiction: shot peening and shot blasting are one in the same
Fact: shot peening is about strengthening and shot blasting is about cleaning

The purpose of shot peening is improve the overall quality and strength of the workpiece.

Whereas shot blasting uses abrasives to scrape away and clean the existing surface, shot peening uses plasticity to achieve the desired result.

Because of the high speed shooting action of media hitting the surface, the plasticity of the metal reshapes and restructures the metal properties to boost its tensile strength and corrosion resistance, rather than scraping materials from the surface like an abrasive.

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