REDwire Shot peening basics: An intro to the process

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Shot peening is a process designed to extend a part’s life by improving its mechanical qualities, as well as its resistance to fatigue and corrosion.

Shot peening is a process designed to extend a part’s life. The technology of metal parts surface work hardening is widely used in the aerospace and automotive industries. 

The purpose: Shot peening is a hammering technique aimed at eliminating residual stresses on the surface of metal.

The principle: The technique consists of shooting or blasting small steel, glass or ceramic beads at the surface of the part at high speeds. 

The result: Shot peening improves the part's mechanical qualities, including resistance to fatigue and corrosion.

Shot peening is a process that requires skill and expertise. That’s why Vibra Finish Limited has formed a support group consisting of a materials engineer, tool and die expert and an experienced production manager, to answer any questions and help ensure shot peening operations meet required specifications.

Vibra Finish has 40-plus years of experience in manufacturing machinery and production finishing. The Mississauga, Ont.-based company manufactures vibratory finishing, centrifugal finishing, tumbling, separating, vibro-peening, tapping, handling and custom-built equipment, and offers refurbishing, retrofitting and maintenance services. The company specializes in such production finishing operations as deburring, vibro-peening, burnishing, vibro-strengthening, polishing, descaling, derusting, washing, shot blasting, blasting and painting, and offers packaging, sorting and assembly services. 

To learn more about shot peening and the company’s services and capabilities, contact Vibra Finish.


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