REDwire Shear-Loc knobs from Cords Canada enable instant conversion of socket head cap screws

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Cords Canada stocks a variety of Shear-Loc knobs.

Cords Canada can supply a variety of convenient thumb-screw knobs from Shear-Loc. The manufacturer is the originator of instant thumb screws, and has experience making a variety of knobs, nuts, thumb screws and more. 

Instant conversion

Thumb-screw knobs from Shear-Loc make it easy to convert standard socket head cap screws into thumb screws. These knobs provide an instant solution with no need for glue or special tools. All that is required is to choose a socket head cap screw (including standard or metric sizes), select a Shear-Loc knob, and then press them together. This creates a “cold formed” junction with more than ample strength for most applications. 

Shear-Loc knobs are moulded from Delrin, a homo-polymer acetal resin that offers toughness. The knobs have a stable temperature range from freezing to 82 degrees C (180 degrees F). Shear-Loc knobs are available in four styles: tee, “L”, knurled and rosette. The standard colour for thumb-screw knobs from Cords Canada is black, but they can also be supplied in red, grey or yellow.

Manufacturing expertise

Shear-Loc is a pioneer in the industry, as it has been providing instant thumb-screw solutions since 1969. The company’s innovative line of fasteners is well-known and trusted, which is why there are a number of copies on the market. Avoiding these knock-offs is easy — just use a trusted distributor like Cords Canada.

In addition to supplying knobs, Shear-Loc can provide complete thumb-screw units with factory-assembled knobs and screws. Also available are knob kits that include a range of different Shear-Loc knobs. These kits are ideal for R&D, maintenance and machine shop applications. 

Shear-Loc is RoHS and WEEE compliant. To learn more about the range of fasteners and hardware available, visit the Cords Canada website.


Cords Canada Ltd.

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