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Ohio Broach & Machine Company’s years of experience in sharpening and reconditioning broach tools is rooted in the foundation of the company.

Ohio Broach & Machine Company’s years of experience in sharpening and reconditioning broach tools is rooted in the foundation of the company. From the beginning as a startup in a four-car garage on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio, broach sharpening and reconditioning were the life blood of the company, and have continued to be the company’s specialties for almost 60 years.  

“We take pride in servicing your broach sharpening needs and understand the features that make a broach tool perform at its highest level,” the company says.  

Broach sharpening not only involves trying to put a sharp edge on the tool, but also maintaining the form and depth of the teeth consistent with the design of the tool. Maintaining the proper relationship between these features while sharpening a broach tool to its original cutting edge is critical to the performance of the broach tools.   

All broach tool materials — such as PM T-15, PM M-4, PM M-42, M3 and M2 — are easily sharpened in the company’s facility in Willoughby, Ohio.  

Reconditioning of broach tools is also a major part of Ohio Broach’s overall strategy. Reconditioning involves regrinding the forms and shapes back into the broach tools after they have been sharpened to the point the teeth are too thin. By regrinding the form or the shapes down into the tools and reforming the teeth to new broach tool specifications, reconditioned broach tools can be brought back to their original tool life conditions. In addition, many tools that have been damaged can be repaired using broken or chipped teeth. These welded teeth are nearly as robust as the original tooth material. This repair applies to not only flat surface broach tools, but also internal pull broach tools. After a welded repair of a tool, it then can be reground to its original size or reconditioned properly.  

After the tools have completed the regrinding process, they can be recoated with a number of different coatings, such as Titanium Nitride (TiN), Titanium Carbo-Nitride (TiCN) and Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiALN). These coatings add to the overall tool life of the broaches, as well as providing specific properties that customers require, such as improving surface finish. 

All of these services are provided through Ohio Broach & Machine Company, a one-stop broaching service supplier.


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