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Tsubaki of Canada recently launched a dedicated website for its KabelSchlepp product line.

Tsubaki of Canada recently launched a dedicated website for its KabelSchlepp product line. KabelSchlepp, which literally means “cable carrier” in German, was acquired by Tsubakimoto Chain in 2010. 

The website,, contains product and industry information, as well as the option to send in a request for a quote. The navigation of the site is direct and concise, and images are large for total ease of use and understanding.

The website is broken down into seven areas: products, complete cable carrier system, industry, case studies, contact info, “get a quote” and library.

1. Products – Classified by seven categories, such as plastic open style, hybrid open style, covered tube style, 3D line, steel, accessories and cables. Each category is represented by an image and a short description for quick reference. In addition, each category is broken down into different product types where information and PDF files are available and a quote can easily be requested.

2. Complete cable carrier system – Tsubaki KabelSchlepp can provide a complete cable carrier system that is ready for installation.

3. Industry – Focused on five major industries, including machine tool, cranes and material handling, oil and gas, steel and aluminum processing, and factory automation and general manufacturing. The most popular product types are accessible in every industry selected.

4. Case studies – These are broken down into the five major industries that KabelSchlepp has extensive knowledge in.

5. Contact info – General Tsubaki contact and location information are provided, and a personal message can be sent through this page.

6. Get a quote – This can be done in three ways: enter the part number if known; if a new project is being started and you need Tsubaki’s help in selecting the right product, you can contact the company directly; or an easy step-by-step process with diagrams and images. Using any of these methods, Tsubaki assures that the customer gets an answer within a day.

7. Library – PDFs in one location divided by product and industry.

Another key feature of the website is the ability of the end-user to access technical information, CAD drawings and product information with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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