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Rotem Industrial Products offers laboratory testing, sump cleaner rental and industrial sump cleaning services to its customers.

Rotem Industrial Products offers more than the largest stock of metalworking and wire-related products in Canada. The Etobicoke, Ont.-based company also offers laboratory testing, sump cleaner rental and industrial sump cleaning services to its customers.  

Laboratory testing: Rotem’s facility includes a fully equipped laboratory to provide advanced metalworking fluid testing to its customers. Detecting trends in test results allows the company to act preemptively or provide an alternative solution to customers before they notice any effects from the depletion of certain ingredients and chemical imbalance.

Sump cleaner rental: Buying a high-quality sump cleaner may not make financial sense for businesses with small production runs that do not require equipment cleaning often. For such cases, Rotem offers yellow bellied sump suckers for rent, so customers can keep their machinery clean and save on buying and maintaining their own sump cleaner.  

Industrial sump cleaning: To avoid any downtime or premature deterioration of the machinery, metalworking manufacturers need to have their equipment cleaned on a regular basis. Sump suckers are used to clean out metal chips from the machinery. In instances where the production volumes are high and a lot of machinery is involved, Rotem will bring sump cleaners to a customer’s facility and perform the cleaning themselves. 

In addition to these services, the father-son business prides itself on customer service.

“Rotem technicians are always happy to offer their expertise in helping customers choose the right product for their applications,” the company says, adding that it stands by each and every product it offers. “Should the item you have purchased from us incur a malfunction, we will facilitate getting the equipment back to the manufacturer for repair.” 

Contact Rotem Industrial Products for more information on its products and services. 


Rotem Industrial Products Inc

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