REDwire Sensor’s innovative design offers flexibility, durability and functionality

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The LR-W Series full-spectrum sensor is available from Keyence.

The LR-W Series is a self-contained full-spectrum sensor from Keyence that features unmatched detecting capabilities. And, thanks to its innovative technology, flexibility and durability, this full-spectrum sensor is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, from the simplest to the most complex.   


The unique technology in the LR-W Series allows it to analyze the full light spectrum — from the absence and presence of light, to surface finish differences, to colour changes that are hard to see with the naked eye. It uses a white LED and the full colour spectrum to reliably and stably differentiate a wide range of targets.


There are three models in the LR-W Series, giving it the flexibility to tackle a wide range of appearance-based applications. The Long Range model is ideal for all-purpose detection at long ranges up to 500 millimetres, and features an adjustable beam spot. The Small/Dual-Spot model is ideal for small targets, complex registration marks and difficult assemblies. The Fibre Extension Model is well suited for harsh environments with limited space, and it comes with a variety of options, including high temperature, high flex and numerous mounting options.


The LR-W’s metal housing and IP65/67 rating allow it to operate in demanding environments, including those requiring washdown, as well as dirty and dusty environments. These features also mean it will last longer and require less maintenance than a conventional photoelectric sensor. The die cast metal housing allows the sensor to withstand impact from products, tools or workers, and allows it to be mounted securely without damaging the unit.

Additional details

In addition to all of these best-in-class features, the LR-W is easy to use. It offers one-touch calibration, a user-friendly display, and is easily integrated into any setup. When additional functionality is needed, the MU-N Series multi-sensor controller can be added for increased I/O and network compatibility.

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