REDwire Sensor solutions for alternative energy applications

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Measurement Specialties' sensors are used in many unique renewable energy applications.

Sensors are at the heart of many alternative energy applications. 

Measurement Specialties (MEAS) designs and manufactures sensors that measure pressure/force, position, vibration, temperature, humidity, torque, fluid properties and perimeter/penetration. The company’s sensors are critical for monitoring, feedback and control, and many are employed today in unique renewable energy applications.

Below are some examples:
• Tilt sensors are deployed in solar panel arrays to monitor the angle of the panels in relation to the position of the sun. This is critical to maximize the efficiency of the solar panels and produce energy at the lowest cost.
• Pressure sensors are used in Stirling engines to monitor the pressure and look for any leaks. They are also embedded in the hydraulic drive systems for the positioning of large solar trough collectors and moveable solar panel arrays. Pressure sensors are also used to monitor and control the operation of geothermal wells.  

• Rotary position sensors help monitor the position and motion of solar troughs and solar panel arrays. They have also been used to monitor the operation of rotating machinery in large wind turbines.  

• Accelerometers are used to detect destructive resonance that can occur in large wind turbines.  

• Temperature sensors monitor the ambient temperature of solar panels and assist the adjustment of inverter parameters to maintain maximum efficiency.  

• Piezo‐film sensors are used as flex sensors in wind turbine blades to provide an indication if the blades have been over-flexed in high winds. Over-flexing can lead to premature failure of the blades.  

If you have an alternative energy application, there’s a sensor for that! Contact Durham Instruments to learn more. 


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