REDwire Self-gripping fasteners a long-lasting solution for cord and cable management

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Velcro Brand One-Wrap Fasteners are available in Canada from Gould Fasteners.

Gould Fasteners is proud to offer Velcro Brand One-Wrap Fasteners. These self-gripping fasteners, ideal for cord control and cable management, are available in a range of strap styles, widths and colours to meet the exact needs of each application.

Key details and advantages

One-Wrap Fasteners are back-to-back fasteners laminated without glue, which means there is no chemical residue. They come in strap styles from ½- to 1-¾-inches wide, and from five to 23-½-inches long. They are available in standard or fire-retardant models and a large variety of colours. The standard version, in fact, is available in 11 colours, making it a great solution for electrical and network coding.

The fasteners have a rated load capacity of 18 pounds, and can operate in temperatures from -17 to 104 degrees C (zero to 220 degrees F). Meanwhile, the fire retardant version meets certification requirements for MVSS 302, FAR 25.853 Appendix F Part 1 (a) (1) (i) and (ii), and UL 94-V2.

Both models are designed for durability, and can be used over and over again.


Gould Fasteners is a full service wholesale reseller of Velcro Brand products, and can distribute the complete line of Velcro Brand fasteners, including the company’s textile hooks and loops, plastic hooks, self-engaging hooks and loops, adhesive options, as well as converted and fabricated products. These products have been employed cost-effectively in countless applications and industries across the globe, from transportation, military, packaged goods and construction, to apparel, personal care and agriculture.

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