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Tsubaki carries backstops in multiple sizes for conveyor drive applications.

Backstops are critical tools commonly used to prevent reverse rotation of inclined or vertical conveyor systems. There are so many configurations of conveyor systems in use today, that it is often difficult for companies to determine the proper backstop size they need for their application. Tsubaki can help. The leading manufacturer carries backstops in multiple sizes for conveyor drive applications, and has the expertise to select the proper size for the application to ensure optimal performance and safety of the system.

Single and dual drives

For conveyor systems that employ single or dual drives, backstops for low-speed overrunning applications are installed directly on the extended head shaft. Tsubaki recommends single installation of the backstop to prevent reverse rotation of head shaft.

Tandem drives

When the conveyor arrangement calls for a primary and secondary drive, the backstop on the primary drive unit holds the full load, while the backstop on the secondary drive unit holds the back tension from the belt. This keeps belt traction on both of the conveyor systems. Tsubaki recommends that the backstop installed on the primary drive unit have a torque capacity that is equal to the sum of the primary and secondary motors. However, the company says the backstop on the secondary drive unit should be sized from the secondary drive motor only.

Selection tips

Torque requirement calculations should be based on maximum or worst-case conditions and not average/normal loads. Because any failure of a backstop might result in costly damages or injury, all possible loads should be considered. The backstop needs to be sized for the breakdown or stalled torque of the drive motors. Load sharing factors must also be considered.

Turning to an expert like Tsubaki can help ensure all of the key factors are considered before selecting a backstop. Proper selection will maximize the performance and improve the safety of the overall conveying system.

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