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Vibra Finish has expertise in meeting the finishing needs of its customers.

The finishing process requires the use of different pieces of equipment. Metal finishing equipment, blasting equipment, industrial parts washers, grinders and lathes are all examples of machines used in finishing applications. It’s important to understand the capabilities of each machine to determine which piece of equipment, or which combination of equipment, is most appropriate for the application at hand.

Metal finishing equipment

Metal finishing equipment is commonly used when rough edges need to be removed from a machined item. One example is when the surface finish needs to be improved on a titanium valve. Other applications for this equipment include fabricated aluminum and steel, bronze water meter housings and aluminum die cast heat sinks.

Blasting equipment

For finishing systems, there are two types of blasting equipment: air blasting and wheel blasting. Air blasting is used in deburring, deflashing or etching a surface, or for blast cleaning and shot peening. Wheel blasting, on the other hand, is used in surface cleaning and etching, structural steel, casting and cleaning, automotive parts remanufacturing and wire descaling applications.

Industrial parts washers

Parts washers are critical when it comes to surface preparation, making cleaning more effective and efficient. Some companies offer equipment with gas, steam or electric heating units.

Lathes and grinders

Lathes are used for finishing wood or metal pieces. They hold the workpiece and rotate it while using a cutting tool to get the desired finish. Grinders are similar, and are ideal for use when surfaces require polishing.

A finishing expert

As a leading provider of vibratory finishing services and equipment, Vibra Finish offers a wide range of used, refurbished and new surface finishing equipment to meet the finishing needs of its customers. The company also carries a wide selection of abrasives to help smooth or polish surfaces.

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