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Firing Industries carries the TRIBO line of triboelectric detectors from Auburn Systems.

Firing Industries is proud to offer the TRIBO line of triboelectric detectors from Auburn Systems. With eight models available, it can be overwhelming to sort through the possibilities and determine which unit is most appropriate for the application. Firing Industries can help customers understand each model’s capabilities and select the most appropriate unit.

Common capabilities

All TRIBO.dsp units contain the same triboelectric detection technology. They all have the same level of sensitivity, with the ability to detect particle concentrations down to 0.000002 gr/dscf . They all detect the same DC/AC spectrum of triboelectric effect from the electrically isolated probe, and output it in a raw pico amp signal.

The differences

The major difference between each unit is the kind of output desired (i.e., a relay alarm, raw pico amps, etc.) and the network capabilities (i.e., a common 4-20 mA signal, Modbus or Ethernet).

The TRIBO U3200, for example, is a great option for applications where a simple alarm is needed. The data can be transmitted to a nearby controller or sent back to the control room. This unit provides two independent relay contacts for alarm indications.

The TRIBO U3400 is another option available from Firing Industries. This unit is wired directly to the control device, and is often the most suitable and economical choice for large multiple point bag leak detection applications.

The TRIBO 3600, on the other hand, provides additional outputs in the form of two independent relay contacts for alarm use, and an optional digital output for direct connection to plant network systems or bag leak detection systems. This unit’s main purpose is to act as a unified monitoring system for multiple locations.

A trusted supplier

For help determining which triboelectric detector is most suitable for your application, contact Firing Industries’ application-sales engineers at or (877) 688-0974.


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