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Ohio Broach can design and build machines of all types.

Broaching machines come in many types and sizes, so there are a number of factors to keep in mind when trying to select the right one. The two most important considerations are the type of broach to be used and the number of parts to be made. Some additional factors to keep in mind are the broach length, available floor space, how much force will be exerted on the tool, and the amount of stock to be removed from the workpiece.

Horizontal vs. vertical broaching machines

Most surface broaching is performed using vertical broaching machines. The reason for the popularity of vertical machines is they take up less floor space and they are generally easier to automate.

Some internal broaching is performed on vertical broach machines. This generally happens when multiple stations and/or automation is desired.

Horizontal machines are used mostly for pull-through broaching operations. These models are easier to set up and lend themselves to job shop applications. Horizontal machines are also used in plants with low ceilings and for transfer lines and short-run applications that require low-profile equipment.

Machine design and engineering

The Ohio Broach & Machine Company can design and build broaching machines of all types. They include dual ram vertical machines, table-up machines, horizontal internal machines and more. These machines feature hardened and ground steel ways, precision ram slides, and pressurized individual-point lubrication systems. The engineering staff at Ohio Broach can custom make the perfect broaching equipment solution. 

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