REDwire How to select a proper safety shoe: Five key factors

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Mister Safety Shoes offers a large selection of safety footwear that combines unsurpassed safety, comfort and style.

Two out of every three workers will suffer foot injuries in their lifetime. This alarming statistic from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety drives home the importance of proper footwear in the workplace. 

Mister Safety Shoes knows that the right safety footwear is critical. The trusted footwear expert says that there are five key areas that every worker should consider to ensure the selection of proper safety footwear.

1. Comfort. Many foot problems begin with improper ergonomics, such as weight and support, or from lack of comfort, padding and breathability.

2. Durability. Think long-lasting, rugged and durable. These are key features for shoes that will be exposed to chemicals, sharp objects and wet conditions in work environments

3. Safety. There is footwear for almost any hazard, offering protection against electric shock and static dissipation, as well as impact to the toes, and sharp objects into the bottom of the foot. Each of these hazard prevention areas has its own CSA symbol associated with it. Make sure the shoe you select has the appropriate safety symbol to match your needs. 

4. Style. Studies show that compliance with safety regulations improves if the safety equipment looks good to the employee. Personal satisfaction goes a long way towards a proper safety attitude. 

5. Slip resistance. Remember this: A slippery sole is a deadly sole. You must consider slip resistance during shoe selection; however, keep in mind that slip resistance of soles varies based on temperature, content of water and lubricants, among other factors. Make sure the sole is recommended for the type of work environment you will be exposing it to.

Mister Safety Shoes offers a large selection of safety footwear that combines unsurpassed safety, comfort and style. The company has 16 retail store locations serving Ontario and Alberta, and convenient “Shoemobile” trucks that bring their fully stocked showroom to the job site. 

Mister Safety Shoe experts are always available to recommend which shoe is most appropriate for your specific work conditions. Contact Mister Safety Shoes at 1-800-707-0051 or for more information.


Mister Safety Shoes

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