REDwire Seeing blue: Rosta elements offer many advantages to users

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Rosta's signature blue components offer many benefits to users.

Rosta is recognized for its signature blue components for machine construction. From tensioning technology to oscillating conveyor technology to rubber suspension technology, the company’s blue products offer many benefits to users across the globe. 

Rosta technology

Rosta carries a large lineup of tensioning, oscillating conveyor and rubber suspension technology. Its products are ideal for applications that require resilient suspensions, elastic supports, cushioning mounts or smooth guidance in the machine industry, as well as a long service life, resistance to wear, durability and less maintenance.

They are ideal for these and many other applications because of the products’ unique technical characteristics. First of all, Rosta elements feature a jointed spring with four pre-tensioned special rubber bodies between housings, and an inner square profile offset by 45 degrees. No axial retention is necessary due to the high friction. In addition, the element has no metallic contact or friction locations. Plus, the inertia of the natural rubber provides energy damping during turning movements as a result of the flexing friction of the rubber bodies.

The advantages

There are many benefits to using Rosta components. They are known for being versatile, maintenance-free, cost-effective, and so much more. 

Rosta products feature a rubber spring element that can fulfill several functions in a compact space. The element acts as a torsion spring, pivot bearing and anti-vibration mount, all in one unit. Plus, the element is quiet and maintenance-free.

But there’s more. Thanks to the multi-functionality of the Rosta element, savings can be realized in the initial investment because the user is not paying for expensive bearing and damping components. In addition, the maintenance-free operation lowers operating costs through the longer service intervals. 

A trusted manufacturer

Rosta is based in Switzerland, but has subsidiaries and representation across the globe, including a Canadian office in Goodwood, Ont. The Canadian subsidiary has been supplying various industries in Canada with rubber suspension elements and special machine components for more than 25 years, helping customers reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity. 

To learn more, contact Rosta Inc. 


Rosta Inc

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