REDwire SeaShield Marine Systems protect against corrosion, help keep structures safe

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SeaShield Marine Systems offer corrosion protection in splash zones, inter-tidal and subsea environments.

Denso North America's anti-corrosion and sealing products have a proven track record of solving problems in challenging environments — even under water. The company’s SeaShield Marine Systems offer protection in splash zones, inter-tidal and subsea environments — those areas vulnerable to the constantly changing mixture of air, temperature and chloride-laden water.

Denso SeaShield is comprised of a range of systems developed to protect marine structures where corrosion is a problem. 

  • The Series 2000HD steel and concrete pile protection system uses the proven SeaShield Marine Tape (petrolatum tape), which is protected with a durable HDPE outer cover secured with marine-grade alloy bolts.
  • The Series 2000FD ultimate steel and concrete pile protection system is designed for medium to large piles. It also uses the SeaShield Marine Tape.
  • The Series 100 steel, concrete and timber pile protection system uses the SeaShield Marine Tape with a durable outer cover, secured with a strapping selected for the customer’s specific environment.
  • The Series 70 timber pile protection is a durable fibreglass wrap system that consists of an inner wrap of Denso Marine Piling Tape and an outer wrap of Denso Glass Outerwrap 70.
  • The Series 90 timber pile protection system is a durable outer cover used with SeaShield Marine Tape for protection against marine borers. It is available with polyethylene, PVC or EPDM.
  • The Series 30 timber pile protection system is designed to protect against marine borer infestation using a UV-resistant outer cover.
  • The Series 400 non-corrosive structural repair for timber piles is designed to protect timber piles from aggressive salt water environments and marine borers, and strengthen deteriorated piles with a durable, lightweight and non-corrosive reinforcement.
  • The Series 500 steel, concrete and timber pile protection system provides tough, durable protection to restore steel, concrete and timber piles.

Experts from Denso North America are available to help customers determine which SeaShield system is right for their application. It is critical to make sure marine structures are protected from corrosion because, the company explains, once corrosion has begun, deterioration of the marine structure speeds up. If nothing is done to protect it, the structures can become unsafe and extremely costly to repair. 

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