REDwire Screw covers from Cords Canada provide protection and finishing touch

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Cords Canada's selection of screw covers includes cap and base, dome and hinged models.

Cords Canada can supply a variety of screw covers, including screw domes, cap and base sets, and hinged models. These covers can be used for esthetic purposes, to provide protection and more. 

Cap and base

Cap and base sets are made from UV-stabilized polypropylene, so they are suitable for use in most environments. They can be used to protect and enhance screws, nails, rivets and more. Just some of the possible applications include providing an attractive finishing touch for furniture, office appliances, boats and clean rooms. In addition, these screw covers can reduce electrical hazards or be used as feet, glides or bumpers. When using metal fasteners on surfaces that are easily chipped, such as glass or ceramics, the screw cover provides excellent protection. 

These screw covers can be used with fasteners that have pan, round, fillister or binding heads. A special base can be supplied at no extra charge that allows the covers to be used with flat or oval head screws.

The covers can be supplied in a range of colours, and colour matching is available. The stock colours are white, black and brown, with either a matte or glossy finish.

Other screw cover types

In addition to cap and base sets, Cords Canada can supply single-piece covers, including screw domes and hex dome caps. These covers are fast and easy to install, as they can be simply pressed onto the fastener head. Screw domes provide a professional, finished look for #8 or #10 pan head screws, and hex dome caps are available for a range of hex nut or screw sizes. These covers are made from low density polyethylene. Cords Canada can also supply a wide range of screws to go with these covers. 

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