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Destuff-IT machines are ergonomic end-of-conveyor lift assists from Engineered Lifting Systems.

Distribution and warehousing companies are constantly under pressure to reduce costs, find efficiencies and better utilize facility space due to escalating operational costs. This need is driving the demand for innovative and affordable material handling products that contribute to increased operational efficiencies and reduced costs. 

Engineered Lifting Systems manufactures a product that meets these needs, and more. Its Destuff-IT machines are ergonomic end-of-conveyor lift assists designed to help workers who are tasked with unloading unpalletized product from containers and trailers. 

Destuff-IT advantages

There are many benefits to employing Destuff-IT machines in the competitive logistics and transportation industries. These include: 

  • Savings. Each year, distribution centres pay staff to unload trailers of unpalletized product. By increasing the effectiveness of these workers, and providing them with the tools to complete their tasks in a more timely manner, the end result is far-reaching. The Destuff-IT helps facilitate this because it reduces unload times, as well as demurrage charges, standby charges and drop trailer charges. In addition, it can reduce the number of doors needed for the unload operation by enabling more trailer turns per door. Since time is money, these advantages offer significant cost savings. 
  • Space utilization. The Destuff-IT increases the accessibility to the top of the container because it allows operators to control the vertical height of the platform and position the conveyor near the product. Therefore, product can be stacked higher in trailers and containers. Even a three per cent increase in cube utilization means fewer truckloads are required to ship product. This translates into overall savings.
  • Versatile. Destuff-IT machines are able to serve multiple docks and can be integrated with a variety of conveyor systems. The machine does not require special rails to run on, and can be driven from dock to dock under its own independent power.

Additional gains

It’s clear that the Destuff-IT offers major productivity gains; however, another major benefit is ergonomics. Operators can achieve greater throughput with less fatigue and muscle strain because they are able to find an optimal position with Destuff-IT. Workers simply stand on the operator platform to access controls, drive and steer. The ability to position themselves near the product significantly reduces the risk of injury from repetitive lifting, twisting, carrying and overhead reaching. 

To learn more about Destuff-IT and its many advantages, contact Engineered Lifting Systems.


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