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Keystone Steam Supplies has the expertise to conduct on-site steam trap surveys.

Facilities across Canada are throwing away valuable dollars on energy thanks to broken steam traps. There is a way to find out if you are one of them. 

Keystone Steam Supplies, a leading provider of steam and hydronic equipment, has the expertise to conduct on-site steam trap surveys — a process in which steam traps are audited to determine which traps are faulty. 

The survey steps

A steam trap survey has three main goals. The first is to locate, tag and identify as many traps as are reachable without causing undue risk to the surveyor. The next objective is to test those traps using an ultrasonic steam trap leak detector. The third goal is to prepare and submit a detailed report after the survey is conducted. The report will identify the faulty traps, those which require close monitoring, those which are operating within normal parameters, and those which are not in service. The report will also suggest possible repair/replacement parts if necessary, and quote the repair/replacement cost per trap. 

And, just so customers are aware of the impact of faulty traps, the report will provide a cost analysis on steam wastage as a result of any faulty traps, and put a dollar value to this waste. 

Request a survey

If you are interested in having one of Keystone Steam Supplies’ experts conduct a steam trap survey at your location, there are three simple steps to follow. First, identify how many steam traps you have on-site. Next, contact Keystone Steam Supplies and provide that information when requesting a survey. Then, schedule an on-site visit for a Keystone Steam Supplies representative to come to your location and conduct a survey. Note that businesses located outside of the GTA will be required to pay all expenses (travel, accommodations, meals) for the Keystone representative. 

For those companies wishing to conduct their own steam trap survey, Keystone Steam Supplies both rents and sells ultrasonic steam trap leak detectors. 

Just imagine getting all your steam and hydronic heating supplies from the same place, guaranteed. Keystone Steam Supplies has what you need and will take care of the leg work, ensuring you get your products on time. 


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