REDwire Sames manual powder coating system features ‘the best technologies’

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Sames e-Jet2 manual powder coating equipment offers high performance, enhanced comfort and reliability.

Exel North America is calling its Sames e-Jet2 manual powder coating equipment a “combination of the best technologies” — its high transfer efficiency gun, compact cart, powder pump and controller. This combination offers high performance, enhanced comfort and reliability, and is the ideal tool for companies looking to improve their powder coating application and the overall efficiency of the operator.

High performance

Sames e-Jet2 manual powder coating equipment includes a high transfer efficiency gun, which is available with a large selection of round and fan spray nozzles. This allows users to find the right nozzle that will offer the optimal transfer efficiency for their specific application. In addition, integrated controls on the gun allow for optimal electrostatic charge. The e-Jet2 also features the CRN 457 controller to manage the powder flow rate and regulate the air pumping through the system for more precise application. The controller displays actual voltage and current. Meanwhile, the compact cart offers a removable support arm for easy colour change.

Enhanced ergonomics

The lightweight, high transfer efficiency gun features a soft grip and excellent gun balance. In addition, thanks to the easy rotation of the powder hose, the system offers quick release, resulting in reduced fatigue and precise gestures. The compact cart allows safe hanging of the gun, and features two shelves on top for accessories. The CRN 457 controller has an easy-to-read display.

Additional features

The equipment also features the CS130 powder pump, which comes with a minimum number of wear parts. This reduces maintenance costs. When maintenance is required, however, it is easy, as the pump offers quick access to wear parts, and no tool is required to disassemble the metallic injector. 

Sames e-Jet2 manual powder coating equipment is suitable for all powder applications. It is available in two versions — the “Box Feed” model (e-Jet2 VT) is ideal for applications requiring numerous colour changes, while the “Hopper Feed” model (e-Jet2 R) is suited for those applications with medium and large production capacity.

For more information about Sames e-Jet2 manual powder coating equipment, contact Exel North America.



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