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SAMES KREMLIN’s new universal robotic colour change block has a compact, modular design.

SAMES KREMLIN’s new UPside CCV is a universal robotic colour change block with a compact, modular design that offers flexibility and ease of use. The unit’s lightweight design and innovative features make ​it a top choice for use in many markets, from automotive to agriculture.

Key features and advantages

One of the main benefits of the new SAMES KREMLIN UPside CCV is its lightweight design, at just 78 grams per colour. This compact unit, which is 30 per cent smaller and 52 per cent lighter than competitive models, allows for more colours on each robot arm. In addition, its oriented fittings reduce the space needed.

The unit is also robust with its stainless steel modules, metal-in-metal fittings and valve seat. In addition, it’s flexible. The unit can easily adapt to every robot arm, and can handle both backward or forward rinsing directions.

Another major advantage of the robotic colour change block is that it’s simple to use, maintain and clean. It is easy to integrate into a robotic arm and, since all fittings and valves are located on one side, they are easy to access, clean and maintain, too.

Ideal markets

The SAMES KREMLIN UPside CCV is suitable for use in a large variety of industries and applications. For example, it is ideal for use in car paint shops for painting interior or exterior plastic parts, like bumpers, for instance, as well as metallic parts. It is also suitable for use in agricultural sprayers.

More information

The UPside CCV universal robotic colour change block and a wide selection of other high-quality finishing solutions are available in Canada from SAMES KREMLIN (formerly Exel North America). Kremlin Rexson and Sames recently merged to create one global organization.

For additional details, contact SAMES KREMLIN.



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