REDwire Safety valves from ROSS meet the needs of lockout/tagout applications

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ROSS Controls’ manual Lockout L-O-X Valves are easily identifiable by their blue handle.

Energy isolation lockout/tagout (LOTO) is a top priority when it comes to machine safety. Under standard LOTO, before a worker can enter a protected area of a machine, all energy must be dissipated and the machine status verified. This includes disconnecting all energy sources from the machine, and ensuring no circuits contain residual stored energy. There are technologies that exist to help with LOTO. ROSS Controls' Lockout L-O-X Valves are designed for LOTO applications in the fluid power industry.

Understanding the requirements

De-energizing machines in the fluid power industry involves the use of a manually operated energy-isolation valve that must meet certain requirements. These valves must:

  • Have a secure and tamper-resistant method of lock attachment;
  • Be located outside the protected area in an easily accessible location;
  • Have a method for employees to verify energy dissipation prior to entering the protected area;
  • Not be used in normal production;
  • Have a full-size exhaust port;
  • Be positive acting (only two possible positions);
  • Be easily identifiable; and
  • Only be locked in the off position.

Lockout valves from ROSS

ROSS Controls’ lineup of lockout valves meets these requirements and more. Its manual Lockout L-O-X Valves are lockable only in the off position, are easily identifiable by their blue handle, are positive acting with only two positions, and feature a full size exhaust port that is equal to or larger than the supply, and an integrated sensing port for pressure verification. The valve facilitates gradual re-application of pneumatic pressure to prevent rapid equipment movement at startup. In addition, a simple push or pull of the large blue handle provides positive direct manual operation.             

To learn more, contact ROSS Controls, an international manufacturer of pneumatic valves, controls systems and safety products for the fluid power industry.


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