REDwire Safety laser scanner offers innovative features and best-in-class protection

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The SZ-V Series features a detachable display unit.

The SZ-V Series Safety Laser Scanner from Keyence is a top choice for guarding applications thanks to its many innovative features. Its unique detachable display unit and advanced visualization technology allow it to offer reliable protection from many hazards.

Its top features include:

Remote display: The SZ-V Series has a detachable display, which allows users to easily monitor the scanner from outside of the hazardous zone without stopping the machine.

Visualization: The SZ-V Series utilizes visualization to provide a truly unique user experience. The software view combines the camera images and zone layout for a complete overview of the area, while the built-in cameras show what the scanner sees, as well as the actual detection plane, making installation a breeze. The unit's display is large enough to easily see the zone map without the need for a laptop. In addition, an optional camera allows for real-time video, which enables users to see the zones and record picture or video of a detection event.

Easy to use: The scanners feature easy-to-navigate software; one of the simplest safety laser scanner softwares on the market, in fact. It has step-by-step menus, clean page layouts and standard drop-down menus, which enable users to get their scanners up and running in minutes. In addition, it allows users to generate complex zones quickly and easily using just a USB connection. The SZ-V Series offers both EtherNet/IP and UDP networking capabilities for easy communication of measurement and status information.

Versatile: The SZ-V Series features the largest protection zone in the industry — 8.4 metres (27.56 feet). It also offers horizontal or vertical mounting, allowing for any sort of area or access protection, as well as AGV collision prevention. Their small size (about the size of a coffee can) and customizable nature allow them to cover countless types of hazards. In addition, users can connect up to three heads to a single display unit for seamless monitoring of multiple sections of a machine. This means there is no need for extensive or complicated wiring.

There are additional features that make the SZ-V scanners stand out from other safety devices. These include a system memory plug, network compatibility, a muting function and more. 

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