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Ross Controls designs and supplies safety products for some of the most safety critical pneumatic valve applications.

Sound workplace safety practices are critical in today’s industrial climate. They can reduce the risk of workplace injury, damage to machinery and other company assets, as well as damage to the environment. Machine safety, in particular, is essential, and there are several areas companies can focus on to ensure the safe operation of machinery. Pneumatic valves are a good place to start.

Control integrity

There are many applications where control system integrity depends on valve operation, including E-stops, two-hand controls, light curtains, safety gates, pneumatic locking devices for safety gates, hydraulic brakes, air brakes, amusement rides, hoists, elevators and pinch-point applications. Therefore, properly specified machine safeguarding systems should include provisions for pneumatic valves. For example, pneumatic valves:

  • Must be functionally redundant;
  • Must be monitored for faults without depending on external machine controls or safety circuitry;
  • Must return to a safe position in the event of a loss of pressure or other such event;
  • Must be able to inhibit further operation upon detection of a fault until it is corrected;
  • Should have a dedicated, specific function reset input and should prohibit a reset by simply removing or re-applying pneumatic or hydraulic power; and
  • Must not automatically reset.

Energy isolation

Energy isolation lockout/tagout (LOTO) is another high-priority safety topic. In fluid power applications, for example, manually operated energy-isolation valves are required to disconnect all energy sources from the machine and ensure no circuits contain residual stored energy. These valves must:

  • Have a secure and tamper-resistant method of lock attachment;
  • Be located outside the protected area in an easily accessible location;
  • Have a method for employees to verify energy dissipation prior to entering the protected area;
  • Not be used in normal production;
  • Have a full-size exhaust port;
  • Be positive acting; and
  • Be easily identifiable.

A leader in pneumatic safety

Ross Controls has been focused on machine safety since it was founded 95 years ago. The company designs and supplies safety products for some of the most safety critical pneumatic valve applications in manufacturing today, making jobs safer for workers, protecting its customers' investments in machinery, and increasing productivity along the way. This commitment to safety makes it a top choice for energy isolation and mechanical press clutch/brake control applications, and more. The company opened a Canadian office earlier this year to support the growing customer base from coast to coast. Its products are available through Advanced Motion & Controls, a major Canadian distributor of factory automation products, based in Barrie, Ont.

To learn more, contact Ross Canada.


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