REDwire Safety check: Are you meeting the requirements for operating in hazardous locations?

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CSA Group's testing and certification services offer a competitive advantage to global manufacturers of products used in hazardous locations.

Industrial accidents in any environment can be tragic. But when these accidents happen in hazardous locations — those where explosive elements like flammable gas or vapour, liquid and dust are present — the results can be catastrophic, and may result in personal injury or property damages, including environmental damage. 

Hazardous locations (Hazloc) are found in a wide range of sectors, including oil and gas, mining, wastewater, food and beverage, and manufacturing. To help reduce the risks associated with operating in such environments, it is important to increase the awareness of safe working practices and requirements, and take all appropriate steps to help avoid an accident. 

CSA Group can help. Its testing and certification services, combined with its highly skilled technical staff, offer a competitive advantage to global manufacturers of products used in hazardous locations. CSA Group has considerable expertise when it comes to the testing and certification of equipment used in hazardous locations across the globe. Its capabilities include testing to North American, European and international standards and requirements. 

In addition, CSA Group’s detailed training helps to ensure that workers, suppliers and contractors are capable and competent — offering everything from the basics of the product certification process through its free CSA Mark 101 course, right through to its more detailed suite, including hazardous areas, Ex product certification for manufacturers in North America, Europe and the U.K., hazardous area requirements for electrical equipment, repair of electrical motors and generators for use in hazardous locations, and the IECEx Personnel Competence Scheme.

Incorporating safety features into the initial design, ensuring proper testing and certification, proper maintenance of products, and training the personnel operating and maintaining this equipment on an ongoing basis, should always be considered best practice. In fact, it is a fundamental step to helping reduce personal injury or property damage, including environmental damage resulting from accidents in hazardous locations.

Working with CSA Group to identify testing, certification and training needs helps companies understand the requirements, and gives them confidence that they are working with a global leader that offers highly skilled technical staff and unrivalled service, worldwide. 


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