REDwire Safety Cable meets strict quality standards

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Bergen’s plant in Fairfield, N.J., is ISO9001, AS9100 certified.

Quality is the key to the success of any company. But when you’re manufacturing products used in critical applications, quality is essential. Bergen Cable Technology knows this well. The aerospace industry and many other demanding sectors depend on its Safety Cable system to retain fasteners in critical parts, like aircraft engines for example. This is why following strict quality standards and getting the appropriate approvals is important.

Approvals, listings and more

Bergen Cable Technology’s plant in Fairfield, N.J., is ISO9001, AS9100 certified, so customers can be sure the company is following strict quality system and management guidelines. The manufacturing environment is SPC controlled, ensuring quality is measured and controlled during the manufacturing process. In addition, the company has an in-plant testing facility to confirm quality.

The Safety Cable has FAA approval under Federal Aviation Regulations for use in maintenance, rebuilding and altercation of airframes, aircraft engines, appliances, propellers, component parts and more. It also has NASA approval for use by document CR-4473, which is a technical report on space shuttle launch environment testing of the Bergen Safety Cable. The tests assured that Safety Cable provided positive locking of fasteners for use in Shuttle Small Payloads Project (SSPP) applications.

The Safety Cable has also received military approval for use under MIL-STD-763, as well as a variety of service branch technical manuals. In addition, it meets the requirements and specifications of NASM33540 and NASM20995.

The Safety Cable also has approvals from the Society of British Aerospace Companies (AS63238 through AS63239) and SAE standards (AS4536, AS3509, AS3510 and AS3511), and meets the standards developed by many leading original equipment manufacturers.

Additional details

Thanks to these approvals, Safety Cable can be used by many industries. And companies can have confidence in knowing that the safety cable and fastener system they’re using is reliable and meets their strict quality requirements.

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