REDwire Safety Cable a better way to secure fasteners on aircraft engines

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The Safety Cable fastener retention system uses a unique tool that cuts the work in half.

Safety Cable was designed by Bergen Cable Technology in conjunction with GE's Aircraft Engine Group (GEAE). The company was looking for a better way to prevent the loosening of fasteners on aircraft engines. 

Loose fasteners on aircraft engines cause problems, not only for the parts they secure, but they can also fall into the wrong part of the engine. This challenge had been faced by engineers since the invention of the airplane.

The traditional solution

The traditional solution for securing these fasteners was lockwire, but this was a troublesome and time-consuming process. For example, to lockwire just two fasteners required threading a single wire through the holes, manually doubling the wire over and twisting it with pliers, all while maintaining a positive pull and allowing sufficient flex. In addition, the operator needed to figure out which direction to twist the wire from one fastener to the next, assuring that it would not slip up and over the bolthead or leave a gap. If the operator made just one mistake, the entire process had to be repeated.

A better solution

The development of Safety Cable began with a design that met military specifications, and materials that ensured consistent tensile load. Next, the unique and compact fittings were designed, developed and tested. But the real challenge was to create an end fitting and an efficient method of installation. A unique tool was developed to meet this need. It allows the cable to be tensioned and a second fitting to be crimped on simultaneously, while also cutting the cable flush to the fitting.

The result of these innovations is a fastener retention system that offers quick installation and ease of use. Safety Cable permits users to manufacture and repair in half the time of lockwire, reduces the need for reworking and inspections, and eliminates sharp edges that can pose safety hazards. 

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