REDwire Rust removal and prevention a necessary process for metal parts

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Vibra Finish makes different types of rust inhibitors designed to help prevent corrosion and wear in ferrous metal products.

Surface rust is a problem that often affects metal parts. Sometimes parts manufactured locally must sit for hours or days, leaving them vulnerable to rust. Other times, parts produced overseas rust during the voyage to their destination. Regardless of how it happens, parts with surface rust cannot be used in automotive assembly. Rust can weaken them and lead to poor performance, lost productivity and wasted money.

Vibra Finish makes different types of rust inhibitors designed to help prevent corrosion and wear in ferrous metal products. Each type is packaged in a variety of sizes, including five-gallon pails, 45-gallon drums and bulk orders.

The most widely used corrosion inhibitor is Vibra-Glo 082G. It is a water-based rust inhibitor designed to perform short-term protection against corrosion and wear. It is also completely free of nitrates and borates. Other Vibra-Glo corrosion inhibitors are selected based on the application.

Vibra Finish has developed a rust removal process that incorporates an industrial wash and rust inhibit protective coating with the company’s proprietary rust inhibitor. Parts are returned clean, dry and rust inhibited.

Rust removal is one of the most popular services offered by Vibra Finish, but the company has many more capabilities, including deburring, burnishing, descaling, vibrapeening, polishing, cleaning, drying, corrosion protection and peening services. To learn more about rust removal or any of its other services, contact Vibra Finish.


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