REDwire Rubber bumpers reliably protect surfaces from damage

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Protective bumpers from 3M and Bumper Specialties are available from Adheco.

Adheco carries protective bumpers from leading manufactures 3M and Bumper Specialties, Inc. Its selection includes products in a large variety of colours, shapes, sizes and materials, enabling it to meet the needs of many applications, from furniture and electronics to appliances, cabinets and more.

3M Bumpon protective products

3M’s Bumpon self-adhesive rubber bumpers are ideal for use by manufacturers of electronics, automobiles, household appliances or kitchen cabinets, as well as consumers looking to protect surfaces in their homes. They are made from high-quality polyurethane and reliable adhesives that deliver long-lasting performance. In addition, they are available in many shapes, sizes and colours, including clear, black, brown, white and grey.

Bumper Specialties’ self-adhesive rubber bumper feet

These rubber bumpers are made in various shapes, sizes and colours. They are anti-skid, so they will not mar, scratch or stain any surface, from countertops and furniture to floors and walls. Some common applications for these bumper feet include the bottom of cutting boards, coasters, planters and laptops to protect countertops and tables, as well as the back of picture frames to protect walls. The company also carries recessed self-adhesive rubber bumper stops, which can be used as door stoppers to protect walls from damage when doors open.

A leading distributor

Adheco works with world-class manufacturers like 3M and Bumper Specialties to ensure its customers have access to the highest quality adhesives, tapes and abrasives, and receive support at all times. The company’s team includes individuals with many years of industrial experience and high levels of technical knowledge.

To learn more about the selection of bumpers available, contact Adheco.


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