REDwire How rubber bumpers are making the world a better place

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Have you ever accidentally stubbed your toe against the sofa in your living room or an office desk at work?

As you silently writhed in pain, did you ever think that the initial impact could have been much worse if it weren’t for that mini knob of plastic protection that cushioned the blow?

Probably not.

But, nonetheless, next time you accidentally bump your toe (and you will) know that those humble yet mighty bumpers lessen the blow.

Besides working full-time at home or in the office, bumpers also pull double duty as cushions, spacers and shock absorbers for a myriad of applications, including advertising display billboards, mounts for telephones or small appliances, as well as doors, drawers and wall protectors.

Known in the furniture industry as simply ‘rubber feet’, bumpers are engineered to provide a protective guard from normally exposed sharp corners and edges.

Bumpers are moulded or extruded rubber parts, in a rainbow of colours and a range of standard and tapered shapes from cones, circles, cylinders, to pyramids and squares.

And here is the best part.

You save both time and money with seamless self-adhesive application. No holes, screws or rivets required. Put the drill away too.

Most industry grade bumpers are designed with a kiss-cut formation so you can just peel and seal the bumper onto the desired surface for easy adhesion.

Made from durable, impact-resistant materials such as compounded rubber, elastomeric plastic and polyurethane, bumpers offer non-skid, non-staining and scratch resistant reliability.

Because of these dynamic properties, bumpers are safe to use for adhesion on surfaces such as aluminum, ceramic, Formica, glass, steel and vinyl. Arts and craft hobbyists: you’ll love to know that bumpers also get a grip onto painted surfaces.

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