REDwire The Rox-1100 mist eliminator ideal for medium-sized machine tools

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The Rox-1100 mist eliminator is available from Aeroex.

When it comes to handling oil mist for medium-sized machine tools, the Rox-1100 mist eliminator from Aeroex is the ideal solution. This model is the second largest in the Rox product line, and is suitable for machine tools with enclosures of up to 350 cubic feet.

Aeroex technology

Like all of Aeroex’s mist eliminators, the Rox-1100 uses innovative technology that ensures long life and low maintenance. The design involves three separate stages: the first stage uses mechanical elements; the second stage involves a unique agglomerator; and the third stage uses a HEPA filter to capture sub-micron contaminants.

The agglomerator features layers of stainless steel mesh weaved with oil-attracting fibres. As the air moves through this bed of fibres at a low speed, oil is captured with high efficiency. To provide drainage for fluids, there are channels between each layer. This design is extremely efficient and reliable, as they typically last between 10 and 15 years. In addition, cleaning is only needed every two to three years for most applications.

Rox-1100 specifications

This model of mist eliminator is capable of air flow rates from 950 to 1,170 cubic feet per minute. It uses a 1.5-horsepower motor and runs at a speed of 3,450 rpm. The unit measures 1,016 millimetres (40 inches) long, by 635 millimetres (25 inches) wide, and 813 millimetres (32 inches) tall. Including the motor, the total height is 1,052 millimetres (43 inches), and the weight is 150 kilograms (330 pounds). 

The Rox-1100 mist eliminator produces a sound level of 77 dB(A) at a distance of one metre. The unit is capable of achieving a clean air measurement of less than 0.020 milligrams per cubic metre. The mist eliminator can be used in temperatures up to 70 degrees C (160 F). The inlet connection is eight inches.

Visit the Aeroex website to learn more about its innovative mist eliminators.


Aeroex Technologies Inc.

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