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Cut machines with customizable inserts are available from Rotem.

Cut machines are pieces of equipment that use shear deformation to remove material from a workpiece. They can include single-point varieties such as tools for turning, shaping, planing and removing materials using a cutting edge. They also include multi-point drills, which are used for grinding and milling.

The selection of cut machines available from Rotem Industrial Products includes rotary, linear and combination types. Some examples of rotary cut machines are tool bits and broaches. Linear cut machines include reamers, drill bits, countersinks and more. Machines that combine the two features include fly cutters, bandsaw and hacksaw blades.

When choosing the right machine for the job, some of the factors that need to be optimized include the width, number and teeth of flute, margin size and angle of the cutting face. Small changes in these factors make big differences to the quality of the final product.

Cutting edge

The cutting edge is of the utmost importance on a cut machine, and it must withstand some demanding conditions. For this reason, there are three features that characterize a good cutting edge: hardness to withstand high temperatures, toughness to avoid fracturing, and wear resistance.


Some cut machines incorporate inserts that enhance certain capabilities. Theses inserts provide a separate piece of material that is welded, brazed or clamped on the machine body. The inserts are made using high-quality materials such as cubic boron nitride, cemented carbide and polycrystalline diamond.

More information

Rotem Industrial Products has been in business for more than 30 years and offers a wide selection of tools and machines including saws, abrasives, lathes, turning tools, milling tools and more. For more information, visit the company’s website.


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