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Rotem offers industrial gauges from leading manufacturers.

Rotem Industrial Products Inc., the Toronto-based distributor of products for metalworking manufacturers, can supply a range of industrial gauging equipment. The variety of products available includes bore gauges, dial gauges, height gauges, as well as micrometers and calipers with Bluetooth-enabled options.


The full line of Sylvac professional micrometers is available from Rotem. These gauges offer exceptional repeatability and reproducibility. Five different models are available with measuring ranges from zero to 161 millimetres. To make data collection easy, these gauges have built-in Bluetooth. They are also backed up with the industry’s strongest warranty.

Bore gauges

Rotem can also supply the Alesta family of products, designed to simplify bore measurement. These products eliminate the need for using a lot of different rings. They have adapters that can stop positioning errors and speed up the measurement process. Users can simply input the dimension and the required mobile carriage will automatically position itself, and then stay in position even when force is applied on the anvils. This system can provide excellent results thanks to its high precision measuring and stable granite base. Three different models are available for measurement ranges of 300, 500 and 1,000 millimetres. The instrument is available with a wide range of adapters and accessories, and is capable of both internal and external measurement.

Roughness measuring

Also available are instruments for non-contact measuring of surface roughness. It can be used with all types of materials and meets the most stringent requirements for qualifying machined and treated surfaces.

More information

Rotem has an extensive inventory of measuring equipment and micrometers to meet any need. The lineup includes equipment from such leading manufacturers as Trimos, Sylvac, Eclipse, Edmunds and Universal Punch. Visit the Rotem website for more information.


Rotem Industrial Products Inc

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