REDwire Rotem offers Allied’s innovative Revolution drill bit for a range of boring diameters

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The Revolution drill bit is capable of a range of boring diameters.

Rotem Industrial Products can supply the Revolution drill bit from Allied Machine & Engineering. This innovative drill bit is designed for producing large holes using low powered machines. It is available with customizable inserts and accessories, so the Revolution drill can be tailored to suit the particular application. With the Revolution drill bit, no pilot hole is required, and a wide range of boring diameters are possible.


The Revolution drill bit’s diameter can be adjusted by 5.1 mm (0.2 inches), which eliminates the need for specials or additional boring operations. The drill bit has removable cartridges that make replacement fast and easy. It also offers excellent chip control and aggressive penetration rates, thanks to the insert design.
Special cartridges are available for the drilling of stacked materials. They are designed to reduce or eliminate the disk that is created when exiting the materials. These cartridges make it fast and easy to convert a standard Revolution drill for stack plate applications. 

Another feature of the Revolution drill bit is exceptional tool life due to Allied’s proprietary AM200 and AM300 coatings. These coatings were developed to provide the wear resistance and high heat threshold needed for drilling applications with high penetration rates.

More details

The Revolution drill bit can drill depths up to 4.5 times the diameter. The drill’s diameter range is 47.63 to 101.6 mm (1.875 to four inches).
Also available from Rotem are a range of other holemaking solutions from Allied Machine & Engineering. These include Allied’s APX drill bit designed for deep drilling, high spindle speeds, and increased penetration rates. Rotem can also supply the Opening drill bit for enlarging existing holes. It features quiet operation, rough boring capabilities, and can drill straight holes despite core shifts up to 3.175 mm (⅛ inches). 

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