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Whether drilling a hole in metal, wood or masonry, Allied Machine & Engineering has a drill — and drill bit — for the job.

Whether drilling a hole in metal, wood or masonry, Allied Machine & Engineering has a drill — and drill bit — for the job. The leading U.S. manufacturer of Allied drills produces its tools in different styles and sizes to meet the requirements of any application. 

The company’s plug cutter bits and countersink bits, for example, are used for woodworking operations, while its reduced shank bits and rivet bits are used for metalworking operations. The reduced shank bits are used to produce holes that are larger than the provisions of the available shank. They have a tip with a wide diameter and a narrower shank. Rivet drills, on the other hand, are only meant to drill rivet holes in thin metals.

The most common type of Allied drill used in a workshop is the twist type, which has a helical groove winding from the tip of the drill to the shank. The groove is used to remove chips produced as the drill cuts through metal. They come in two common versions — HSS drill bits and carbon steel bits — which are ideal for drilling different diameters of holes into metal pieces.

Allied Machine & Engineering produces brad-point bits, paddle bits, auger bits, masonry drill bits and much more. All of its drills are formed from strong metals, such as hardened steels, to ensure a long service life. They also incorporate replaceable drill-bit technology, which allows the user to replace the tips of the drills when they are worn out. 

Rotem Industrial Products has been partners with Allied Machine & Engineering for more than 30 years. The Etobicoke, Ont.-based company has the largest stock of Allied drills and equipment in Canada, including:

  • T-A drills with self-centring point, ground back location and improved tool performance;
  • GEN3 drills that have fast penetration rates ensure a good finish and have a stable and efficient performance;
  • AccuPort cutters that allow efficient production times and eliminate the need for pre-drilling; and
  • Revolution drills with innovative design and adjustability of 5.1 mm on diameter.

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