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Without rotational moulding techniques to make plastic moulded products, plants wouldn’t have planters to grow in, airplanes would remain grounded and Fido wouldn’t have a doghouse to sleep in.   

Rotational moulding, often referred to as rotomolding, is a moulding process designed to create hollow plastic products using mostly polyethylene materials.

The rotational moulding process includes a machine tool that is loaded with a pre-measured amount of plastic in powdered form.

Next, the tool rotates slowly in both vertical and horizontal directions while heat is applied to the machine tool.

Plasticized powder coats the inner surfaces of the machine tool. The moulded plastic then sinters (in other words, turns into a mass object without melting) that allows the walls of the mould to cool and take shape into the desired form.

Typical industrial moulded plastics created by this process include bins, tanks, totes and trays for a wide range of sectors from aerospace to pharmaceutical industries.

At every turn, there are many advantages to decide to choose rotational moulding as a method to creating industrial plastic moulded products:


Materials used for moulds are durable yet inexpensive. Also, the tooling process is an economical alternative to injection moulding procedures.


Graphics such as corporate logos or warning labels can be integrated into moulded parts at high quality and low cost.


Multiple plastic moulded products can be made simultaneously on a machine tool with the precise accuracy and consistency.


Lightweight, easy-to-clean materials have superior chemical-resistance with extra thick corners and sturdy bottoms to ensure a robust and professional finish.


Production turnaround times are swift thanks to prototyping consultations that test sample designs prior to the final moulded product.

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