REDwire Rosta vibration dampers are used for transport system at world’s largest flower auctions

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Rosta anti-vibration mounts provide a reliable, maintenance-free solution.

Rosta vibration dampers are used in all types of applications across the globe. In one project, they were used as part of a trolley system for transporting flowers at the world’s largest flower auctions.

The application

The two largest auctions in the world account for most of the cut flowers and green plants sold in Europe. The auctions take place in the Dutch towns of Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk, where billions of flowers are purchased by the major flower trading companies. The purchased flowers are then promptly sent for shipping, as they have to be delivered to the buyers’ sales outlets within 24 hours.

To handle transporting the auctioned flowers to refrigerated trucks, electric towing vehicles are used to pull as many as 30 trolleys stacked with flowers. All together, the load can weigh up to 12 tonnes. As the trolleys are moved on steeply inclined loading ramps, the load is too heavy for the towing vehicle to handle braking.

The solution

To solve this problem, a low-cost braking system was designed. It involved installing pre-tensioned, low wear polyamide profile rails on the steep sections of the loading ramps. These rails press on both sides of the trolley chassis to provide adequate braking.

Rosta vibration dampers type ESL 27 are used to provide elastic mounting and pre-tensioning of the braking rails. The vibration dampers are fitted to both sides of the track segment, and allow the desired braking capacity to be applied with adjustable angle support brackets.

Further details

In this application, Rosta vibration dampers provided a simple technical solution with the added benefit of preventing any lurching when towing a large number of trolleys. These vibration mounts are also maintenance-free, and insensitive to dirt and water. 

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