REDwire Rosta tensioners are easy to install on any drive

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A Rosta tensioning device with a chain rider.

Rosta's line of tensioning devices offers a versatile solution for elongation of drive belts and chains. They can compensate for slack in the drive, eliminating the need for periodical re-tensioning. These devices are easy to install on all types of drives, even extremely long chain drives or those with reversible transmissions.  

Chain drive mounting tips

For standard applications, the tensioning device should be placed on the outer slack-side of the chain drive. In order to enlarge the tensioning device's contact-arc, it should also be placed close to the smaller sprocket wheel. In addition, the tensioner-arm should be positioned close to parallel to the chain run, in the drain direction.  

Extremely long drives

While a single tensioning device can be used for standard installations, for extremely long drives, Rosta recommends using multiple tensioners or its "boomerang" type to provide ample slack compensation. The SE-B Boomerang tensioner from Rosta provides triple compensation for chain elongations, because it uses a bent double-arm design to create an S-shape contact-arc.

Reversible transmissions

When the application involves reversible chain transmissions, two tensioners should be used — one on each side of the chain-strands. Because reversible drives cause slack in both directions, both tensioners have to accommodate changing from slack to working span. As a result, both devices should be pre-tensioned to 20 degrees or less. This will ensure there is a re-set path of 10 degrees when the drive changes direction.

Chain-track adjustments

In addition to simple installation, the sprocket wheel on Rosta tensioner devices is easy to adjust. It is mounted between two nuts on a threaded shaft. Once the nuts are loosened, the wheel can be easily repositioned.

Rosta can supply accessories for tensioner devices, including the chain rider set. The rider offers a low cost, low noise alternative to sprockets, and has a maximum chain speed of 1.5 metres per second. It is made from industrial plastic that is resistant to friction. 

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